What We Do

Pierce Management Development moves organizations and executives forward.

Guiding Strategy

  • Designing Strategic Planning Initiatives

    PMD invests time with our clients in the discovery process before we recommend a customized strategic-planning path. We explore with our clients their past experiences—positive and negative—with strategic planning. We determine the elements of strategic planning they've recently updated, the desired timeline to create a revised or new strategic plan, the budget allocated for the process, and the leaders who are expected to participate. We work closely and candidly with our clients to assure that the roles of board directors, staff members, other consultants, and PMD professionals are clearly defined.

  • Developing Board Directors and Senior Staff

    PMD realizes that not everyone involved in strategic planning is equally experienced or equally knowledgeable. With every PMD strategic planning engagement, we teach relevant professional development topics—from principles of strategic thinking to the importance of appropriate governance. By the end of the process, client boards have been transformed into more functional and more effective policy boards, and client executives have grown in their ability to execute strategy effectively.

  • Facilitating Strategic Planning Sessions

    PMD clarifies critical issues, identifies desired outcomes, and creates powerful agendas. We are adept at balancing the need for participation with the need for progress.  We have the experience and flexibility to pilot groups through unexpected turbulence. Before the retreat, we prepare extensively. During the retreat, we manage group process effectively. After the retreat, we convert wide-ranging discussion into a crisp and actionable written report.

  • Planning and Monitoring Strategic Execution

    PMD is not in the business of creating strategic plans that serve as three-year doorstops. We are in the business of moving an organization toward strategic execution and then closely monitoring how well our clients' timelines, tactics, and tasks achieve the board-approved strategic goals.

Developing Organizations

  • Conducting Operational and Structural Analyses

    PMD works diligently and creatively with our clients to examine and improve day-to-day performance of their organizations. We create a collaborative learning lab—teaching managers the operational analysis tactics that assure well informed and well timed changes.

    PMD analyses include:

    • comprehensive operational audits of departments or entire organizations
    • management structure evaluation and re-design
    • relocation resource quantification and planning
  • Delivering Engaging Professional Development Sessions

    PMD designs and facilitates interactive professional development sessions. We align every training segment with our clients' existing professional development initiatives and their future organizational development needs.

    • Improving Boards of Directors' Strategic Thinking and Governance

      Tom Pierce and Lu Ann Dillon have chaired boards of nonprofit organizations. While we train board members based on our years of experience, we stay current with management science focused on leadership, strategic planning, strategic execution, governance, and innovation.

    • Enhancing Senior Staff Leadership and Management Skills

      PMD works with individuals and teams to learn their strengths and challenges. Then we tailor formal courses and informal conversations ranging from how to manage smartly to how to lead boldly. Here are two examples of the topics we teach:

      • Effective Communication

        PMD too often observes substandard written and verbal workplace communication. We are qualified to train executives to improve their presentation skills, to consider carefully the language and tone they use in interpersonal conversation, and to pay more attention to the power and precision of the written word, whether in a 140-page report or a 140-character Tweet.

      • Assessing and Increasing Emotional Intelligence

        PMD, certified by the research firm TalentSmart, evaluates and coaches individuals to understand and increase their emotional intelligence. We assess self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management to discover clues about why an otherwise able executive is not living up to his or her potential as a leader/manager. Then we recommend a personal strategic plan to improve performance.

Coaching Executives

  • It's lonely at the top. And near the top.
    Sometimes an executive needs a safe sounding board.
    Sometimes he or she needs a springboard into the future.

    PMD believes that one-on-one coaching is an executive's—and an organization's—most powerful way to develop leadership and management excellence.

    PMD's executive coaching clients benefit from our decades of experience observing patterns of workplace issues and behavior. More importantly, PMD clients benefit from our surprisingly unique approach to coaching—questioning and listening, rather than prognosticating and pontificating. Our reputation for candor and confidentiality is topped only by our reputation for guiding executives to get where they want to go.

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Dale Cyr, CEO
The Inteleos family of certification alliances, including ARDMS - American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Rockville, Maryland

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